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PrideLife, the world’s leading LGBTQ+ lifestyle brand for over 20 years in the United States and over 10 years in the United Kingdom, has joined forces with their longest-standing partner InterPride in an exciting, ground-breaking new commercial venture. This will mark the fiftieth anniversary in 2019 of the Stonewall riots which marked the start of the gay rights movement.

PrideLife and InterPride, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ organisation, reaching millions of consumers, have now decided it is time to really accelerate the process of making sure that the right companies – those with the best products and those that market sympathetically and supportively to the LGBTQ+ market – get the business they deserve.


The InterPride/PrideLife annual Seal of Approval

The annual Seal of Approval is a unique and customer-focused endorsement of your company’s proven and ongoing commitment to the global LGBTQ+ community.



It is the first-ever award which recognizes a company or organization’s support of LGBTQ+ people, both as a community and as consumers and service users. It is the ultimate gold standard, instantly recognizable by the community as a sign of quality and trust.

The InterPride/PrideLife annual Seal of Approval will be one of the most crucial and important changes in the LGBTQ+ consumer landscape and will provide instant and recognizable credibility, leading to sustained and improved sales from the LGBTQ+ community and those who are sympathetic to them.


Qualification for the InterPride/PrideLife annual Seal of Approval is based on three criteria:

  1. The excellence and suitability of your product and service to us as a community
  2. The quality of your customer service and aftercare
  3. How sympathetically you market yourselves to our community


PrideLife and InterPride have established an international consumer panel of thousands of LGBT+ individuals who will review your product or service to ensure that it fulfills our requirements.

Once approved by the panel, you will have access to the millions of consumers within our community who trust and rely on the recommendations of PrideLife and InterPride.

The InterPride/ PrideLife annual Seal of Approval secures you a presence in the two official Pride magazines, with distribution at all the major Pride events and LGBTQ+ (and friendly) venues throughout the world.

In addition, the InterPride/PrideLife Seal of Approval gives you access to the marketing experience of InterPride and PrideLife, and all Prides nationwide, enabling you to raise your positive brand profile amongst our influential and brand-loyal LGBTQ+ community.


Steve Sohal, CEO Pride Life  |
Nigel Robinson  |
Telephone +44 20 7637 3859

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