Currently, injustice and inequality exists around the world for many LGBTI people and communities. In much of the world accessing funding support for even the smallest public actions and events is an enormous challenge. This fund is designed to address this gap.

The mission of the Solidarity Sub-Committee of InterPride’s Human Rights Committee is to distribute the voluntarily collected funds from our membership and sponsors to organizations that are helping to create change and promote a better understanding of LGBTI communities. The committee does this by awarding grants to community-based events around the world, with a focus on places where public LGBTI events face challenges and hostility.

Since the fund was launched in 2013, grants have been awarded to help produce an LGBTI film festival in Macedonia, a mass LGBTI wedding in The Philippines, the first public Pride gatherings in Jinja, Uganda, Nassau, The Bahamas, and many other LGBTI events.

Our 2020 Applications are open until May 24, 2020!

Through the Solidarity Fund, InterPride makes small grants to organizations that are helping to create positive change and promote a better understanding of LGBTI communities around the globe. The focus of the fund is on community-based events in portions of the world where public LGBTI events face challenges and hostility.

In 2020, InterPride aims to give out grants of between $250 USD to $2,000 USD each.  

InterPride Solidarity Grants Program – Key changes to 2020 eligibility and timelines

Since the InterPride Solidarity Fund was launched in 2013, grants have been awarded to assist LGBTQI events and initiatives across some of the most disadvantaged, developing and hostile territories across the world.  Over that period too, we have witnessed an expansion in the types of events and initiatives that the Fund has supported from numerous IDAHOBIT events in every continent, a mass LGBTI wedding in The Philippines, inaugural public Pride gatherings in Fiji, Uganda, The Bahamas, Brazil, Armenia and many other LGBTI events worldwide.

In 2020, the uncertainty related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique challenge to many organisations planning events for the Pride calendar.  We have witnessed event cancellations and postponements and this in turn will present significant challenges for ongoing engagement as well as the vey real threat to sustainability for future years.

For this reason, InterPride has decided to extend its deadline for applications to the Solidarity Fund until 12pm (GMT) on Sunday 24th May.  This will allow organisations more time to decide upon their preferred course of action for 2020 events in line with specific requirements placed on them within their own jurisdictions.

In addition, we are delighted to see so much creativity in how many organisations have reimagined their events, and in particular, those that have been redefined to engage people through digital channels and online activities.  As a result, InterPride has decided that eligibility to apply for the Solidarity Fund grants scheme for 2020 will be extended to cover costs related to building digital and marketing capacity and capability in order to deliver events that support the community and build engagement for future years.  Examples of related costs could include

  • Digital equipment and software packages
  • Digital expertise and training
  • Marketing, design and promotion costs
  • Specialist digital event creation/management
  • Other related one-off costs related to building engagement and participation for your event(s) in 2020 and beyond

In 2020, InterPride aims to provide grants of between $250 USD to $2,000 USD each.  

We regret that we are unable to provide funding for costs that relate to cancelled events, such as venue and equipment hire and performance fees, arising as a direct result of COVID – 19.

If you have already submitted an application, and would like to revise the anticipated purpose and budget for your events that may have changed, we will be in touch with you through the contact email you provided, to seek any updates or changes

Our aim is to evaluate all applications and notify all successful applicants by Friday 12th June.  Payments will start to be transferred in the week commencing Monday 15th June and the timing of payments will be prioritised based on the proposed date of the event.

If you are proposing that your event will take place before these dates please contact us urgently via and we will endeavour to accelerate our evaluation process and make payments to any eligible events in advance of the timeframe outlined above.

About Solidarity Fund donations

The Solidarity Fund is supported through the generous donations of individuals and organizations, in particular, many Pride organizations that are part of InterPride and make generous annual contributions to the fund.

If you’d like to assist those struggling in regions that are hostile or challenging for LGBTI organizers, please donate to the Solidarity Fund, please visit, if you are interested in making a donation. On behalf of all the groups we are funding around the world, we thank you for your support.

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