About InterPride 


InterPride is the international organization that ties Pride together globally. Members of our organization are dedicated volunteers who organize and work to make Pride events happen all over the world.

InterPride acts as a source of education and a stepping-stone to elevating community interaction for PRIDE events worldwide. We promote Pride on an international level and increase networking opportunities and communication among Pride Organizations.

We welcome any LGBTI organization that produces Pride events, for their greater community as one of its main purposes or activities, to join InterPride and attend our conferences.

Pride events can include a parade, march, rally, festival, arts festival, cultural activity, event or activity organized for people identifying as Lesbian, Gay Men, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and/or other emerging sexual identities.

Join InterPride, share your skills and dedication, and be a part of the diverse International Pride community.


InterPride is structured into 20 world regions. InterPride members of each region nominate and elect representatives to serve on the Global Advisory Council (GAC). Members of the GAC then nominate 6 representatives to serve as voting members of the Board. Delegates from all InterPride member organizations elect the other 12 voting members of the Board of Directors. 


InterPride’s vision is a world where there is full cultural, social and legal equality for all.



Empowering Pride Organizations Worldwide.


InterPride exists to promote Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride on an international level, to increase networking and communication among Pride Organizations and to encourage diverse communities to hold and attend Pride events and to act as a source of education.

InterPride accomplishes its mission with Regional Conferences and an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and World Conference. At the AGM & World Conference, InterPride members network and collaborate on an international scale and take care of the business of the organization.

InterPride is a voice for the LGBTI community around the world. We stand up for inequality and fight injustice everywhere. Our member organizations share the latest news so that we are able to react internationally and make a difference.

The Bylaws of the Organization.


InterPride is incorporated in the State of Texas in the USA and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under US law. It is funded by membership dues, sponsorship, merchandise sales and donations from individuals and organizations.

InterPride’s relationship with its member organizations is one of advice, guidance and assistance when requested. We do not have any control over, or take responsibility for the way our member organizations conduct their events.