Membership Benefits

Members of InterPride enjoy a large array of benefits, from discounted conference registrations to discounted T-Shirt and promotional products.

Please contact the Vice President of Member Services for more information about any of these services.


InterPride holds an Annual General Meeting and World Conference each October. This conference provides the opportunity to network with other Pride organizers and to attend various workshops and seminars to improve your events and strengthen your organization. There are also Regional Conferences throughout the year. Although not all regions hold a conference, the number is increasing each year. Those representing InterPride member organizations receive reduced registration rates to both regional and our World (International) Conferences.
Scholarships may be available to qualifying representatives of member organizations to both regional conferences and our Annual General Meeting and World Conference.

Networking & Support

InterPride encourages member organizations to "Twin” with each other for mentoring and mutual support. Twinning can consist of simple cooperative promotion or as far reaching as sharing entertainment and sponsorship contacts. Other networking opportunities arise as the demands arise. InterPride Board members will assist with contacts between organizations to solve specific problems.

Global Pride Calendar and Web Link

InterPride will publicize all Pride events on the Global Pride Calendar, regardless of the membership status of the producing organization. However, only member organizations will have a link from the Global Calendar to their website. Member organizations that provide a logo will have it placed in rotation on the public website.

Document Repository and Other Resources

Once logged in as a member of InterPride on our website, organizations and individuals alike have access to InterPride’s Document Repository. Supplied by fellow Pride organizations, these documents can help members, trying to create specific documents, by providing easy to use and already proven templates. There are a variety of materials, from samples of by-laws, and march/parade applications/registrations to other useful documents such as resource packs for developing or reviewing sponsorship strategies.

It is a strong desire of InterPride to grow this repository. If you, or your organization, have any additions you wish to share with us, please email 

Support and advice is also available.

Third Party Benefits

Benefits and discounts for members negotiated by InterPride with vendors. Click on the listing to see the offers in detail:


ShowClix Event Ticketing Solutions

ShowClix takes event ticketing software to the next level. They are a full service ticketing company that helps event organizers provide the best possible experience for their attendees. ShowClix will waive all fees associated with setting up a ticketing account for InterPride Members (up to a $1,200 value).  

ShowClix will do the following as part of the setup process:

  • Create a ShowClix ticketing account
  • Offer discounted per ticket service fees
  • Custom brand one online ticketing page
  • Provide a personal training session on the ticketing system and scanners
  • Assist with event promotion through social media and event promotion partners

ShowClix will provide InterPride members with one free iPod ticket scanner for their event.


InterPride has a block policy with Casswood Insurance, which saves on insurance expenses for US member organizations.

PrideLabs Free App for Pride Organizations

Pride Labs is the world leader in LGBTI mobile apps, delivering daily content to over 300,000 individuals on mobile devices around the world. Pride Labs is the official mobile apps provider for InterPride and is sponsoring LGBTI Prides around the globe with next generation mobile apps that cost organizers nothing to build and can help generate significant new revenues.