InterPride Launches the Young PRIDE Leaders program and the Global Forum for Young PRIDE Leaders in 2020

Young Pride Leaders

2020 marks two important milestones: the beginning of the Decade of Action according to the United Nations and a renewed call for anti-racism and anti-oppression that has appeared to finally reach a global and systemic level. InterPride, as the international organization that ties the celebration of pride and equality together globally and the source of education and a stepping-stone to elevating community interaction amongst its 20 global regions and 350+ members, is committed to leverage its platform to highlight, facilitate and act on measures to end racism and oppression.

To empower our next generation to step up and create impact, InterPride, in partnership with the Better Together Foundation, announces the launch of its inaugural Young PRIDE Leaders program. This initiative will establish the Global Forum for Young PRIDE Leaders, which in 2020 will host a class of 20 individuals on an immersive education and experience journey of self-discovery and community giveback.

In alignment with United Nations and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), the program will consist of a 10-week online program which will see each of the Young PRIDE Leaders learn from 30 sessions. Each week, there will be an 2-hour lesson, featuring speakers from United Nations, global NGOs, top academic institutions, investment banks, management consulting firms and private foundations who will be sharing their experience and know-how in the subject matter. Based on their background and more importantly their vision, each Young PRIDE leader will additionally receive customized one-on-one sessions of mentorship and coaching.

At the end of the program, each Young PRIDE Leader will submit and present their “Decade of Action” initiative, either for-profit, non-profit or a hybrid, within their own region. This initiative will be based on three chosen SDGs, and must demonstrate the capacity to create, sustain and measure impact to all stakeholders.